A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. This is where you will have access to group discussions and shares with people who are tantric practitioners, stay at home moms/dads, those who are recently divorced, active members in the kink/bdsm community, people in committed relationships looking to explore and so on. Here is a forum where every question regarding modern/alternative relationships and sexuality are welcome. Discussions are positive and nonjudgmental. Everyone has something to learn, myself included! My favorite part about this group of unique, multi dimensional people is how wonderful and considerate each member is to the others. Please, only request to join if the mission and message resonates with you.

See you in the inside, flutter lover

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What The Kaleidoscope has to say:

Ute Beneke

There are not many women out there, who are so open minded and have their own spirit, than Alexa Martinez. She’s got her own word. She’s got her own mind. She is a free spirit and I love it. I love her and the way she is unapologetic going her way and speaking her truth. No matter what. Watch out, there is a lot to come and to learn from her.

Ute Beneke Sexpert - Germany
Gonzalo Salinas

Alexa: I wanted to thank you for your writings about sexuality and authenticity. Especially nowadays, when most people hide behind a screen, or when a culture of hypocrisy, judge and condemn whoever dare to tell their own truth, I see your work and I smile knowing that there are still people like you, willing to say things without sugarcoating and being fucking real. I really love your work, it inspires me and makes me want to continue learning about sex and intimacy. Your work inspires me to be a better human: raw, wild and authentic.

Gonzalo SalinasMember of the Kaleidoscope - Peru/Miami
Kimberley Hatherall - United Kingdom

Alexa came into my life to answer all the questions I had been asking just when I needed it – isn’t the universe funny like that! My life started to mold according to everyone else (parents, friends, partners, work pressures) and it just didn’t feel right. Alexa helped me discover self-love and with that opened my eyes to a ‘kaleidoscope’ of ways to enjoy relationships and bring love back into my life. The words I would use to describe my experience are liberated, awake, alive, spirited, at one with my soul. I’ve only just begun my journey with Alexa, and I’m looking forward to learning even more.

Kimberley Hatherall - United KingdomHuman Resources, Learning & Development Manager
Ben Henderson - United Kingdom

When you enter Alexa’s space, you will be surrounded by messages of positive thinking, achieving, resilience and progressing. Either in a public environment or private – Alexa controls the room. With an air of confidence and self-belief, partnered with an un-waivered knowledge and thirst for education, guests leave entertained, with a solid appreciation of the delivered information and with an enamored respect. In a male dominated profession, Alexa dragged herself to the summit whilst maintaining her dignity, self-respect and unfaltering loyalty to those who are with her. I could write another 5 pages about Alexa but something that is so much of a ‘no-brainer’ speaks volumes for her. I travelled to the other side of the world to work with Alexa and I would be on a plane again tomorrow.

Ben Henderson - United KingdomArtist and Gallery Manager
Jason Despaties - Canada

I have seen this lady in action, having provided the technical assistant in lighting sound and video, all key components a speaker needs to help drive the point home.

Talk about audience control no matter what the subject; she can command attention taking them on a roller coaster ride of verbal excitement. Her energy just flows throughout the venue drawing people in catching their attention.

Being an audiovisual technician I have sat thought many presentation and know when they presenter is skilled or not.

Alexa Martinez blows my mind every time I hear her perform on stage; yes, her presentations are a true performance. She can outshine any stage lights.

I would love to be able to produce an event for her on one of her new topics, her newfound drive and energy will only continue to develop her existing talent and ability.

Jason Despaties - CanadaProduction Manager

Alexa is the only person I would speak to regarding anything to do with sex, love and relationships! Her deep, soul felt knowledge and wisdom on the subject gives her the ability to support another who requires long lasting healing with traumas while being a guide for anyone who also wants to know themselves more. Gorgeous, funny, straightforward, loving and professional. Alexa is a world-class leader in her field.

HOLLY A. ABELL - CanadaIntuitive Life Coach and Author

From the first conversation reaching out to Alexa, there was such a captivating power of truth in her voice. She connected to the depths of my heartaches, joys, fears, and aspirations. There wasn’t an ounce of judgment from her regarding my past, but focused on freedom for my every breath forward. I’ve never experienced someone’s mission being so clear to open minds and hearts to break through to brand new foundation of life.

I am 29, a mother of 3 children and after 3 failed relationships/a marriage, she gave me the knowledge and understanding that I have been enough this entire time! She has taught me to speak value into myself every morning I wake up and through out my day! I use to suffer with anxiety and depression at unbearable amounts.

Alexa has given me the tools of freedom to love myself first and discipline my emotions where they benefit me to my greatest good!
I carry myself with this phenomenal balance emotionally, spiritually and physically now! I can be the woman and mother I always knew I could be and so much more! Alexa will forever have my family’s gratitude.

SUNNI CARRINGTON - Mississippi, USAClient

Ashok Thakur NYC, USA

President & Chief Executive Officer at Computer Consultants Network, Inc

Author of Infinite Love Finite Love