What is The Violet Butterfly about?

The VB is about truth, education and love.

Whether you feel called to explore what is in “Shop VB”, are keen to join The Kaleidoscope, a multi-dimensional community of people also interested in exploration, or you want to follow the unique short story blog by The Violet Butterfly creator, Alexa N. Martinez, The Violet Butterfly holds a key to liberation by unlocking untapped reservoirs of self love within you.

Enjoy all that is made available here with a playful, and open-minded curiosity.

This is for you.

Hello flutter lover

I am Alexa, the founder of The Violet Butterfly, and I am honored and privileged to have you here.

Just like you, The Violet Butterfly is in a perpetual state of metamorphosis, always changing and transforming in order to become better and more of service to you.

My mission is to expand your mind and your consciousness by making you think completely outside the box, in ways you have never thought before especially when it comes to relationships and sexuality.

I come from a very conservative and religious background in the Deep South of America, and if anyone knows what it is like to go through the drama of breaking free from societal and traditional constructs, it is me.

I am a voice for those who have chosen the “alternative route”, those who have a loved one who has chosen to live differently and those who are looking for more ways to gain knowledge and love more.

The life you have is completely in your hands and in your control.

Are you actively choosing how it is unfolding?

I love you, all of you,


Comments from The Kaleidoscope

Alexa came into my life to answer all the questions I had been asking just when I needed it – isn’t the universe funny like that! My life started to mold according to everyone else (parents, friends, partners, work pressures) and it just didn’t feel right.

Kimberley Hatherall
Kimberley HatherallHuman Resources, Learning & Development Manager

When you enter Alexa’s space, you will be surrounded by messages of positive thinking, achieving, resilience and progressing. Either in a public environment or private – Alexa controls the room.

Ben Henderson
Ben HendersonArtist and Gallery Manager

I have seen this lady in action, having provided the technical assistant in lighting sound and video, all key components a speaker needs to help drive the point home.

Jason Despaties
Jason DespatiesProduction ManagerMillermedia

Alexa is the only person I would speak to regarding anything to do with sex, love and relationships! Her deep, soul felt knowledge and wisdom on the subject gives her the ability to support another who requires long lasting healing with traumas while being a guide for anyone who also wants to know themselves more.

HOLLY A. ABELL Intuitive Life Coach and AuthorSandrew Inc.

From the first conversation reaching out to Alexa, there was such a captivating power of truth in her voice. She connected to the depths of my heartaches, joys, fears, and aspirations.


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