Violet Alchemy

Your inner magic to seduce the world is waiting to be reclaimed!


Payment Option

What’s Included:

4 days/3 nights luxurious accommodations

All onsite meals:

– authentic New Orleans cuisine with your health in mind

– Dietary restrictions accommodated

2 excursions/tours – including entrance fees and transportation

Night on the town to take in all that New Orleans embodies

Intimate access to Alexa and Leah!

Payment plan and other accommodations are possible for an additional fee. Please send your inquiry to

You want to walk around feeling EMPOWERED

This is beyond just being comfortable in your skin

It’s CONFIDENCE in your every decision
A deep knowing you bring your desires to life with magical ease

All while being UNDERSTOOD.

You want to COURAGEOUSLY live out your fantasies

Relish in KNOWING you are desired

Embrace your sexual FEMININE energy

But more than anything, you just want to feel CONNECTED.   

Connected to what you do

Connected to who you are with

Connected to your body

Connected to your sexuality

And most importantly,

Connected to your very essence of being YOU!

So lit up, you turn yourself on!

Let’s be honest

You want to be SEDUCED….
Seduced by life

Tuned in and tapped into your sexual energy to such an extent – YOU CALL IT IN AT WILL

When was the last time you felt truly ALIVE?

The last time you felt a sexy electric charge running through EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY?

Truly feminine


Completely authentic

Do you feel completely secure in expressing your sexuality in a way that feels good to you?
Confident in asking for what you desire from your partner?

Connected to source

IN-TUNE with yourself

When was the last time you felt part of a TRIBE?

A soul tribe

A sisterhood


After working with 100’s of women to help them step back into their true selves, feel empowered, sexy and free we know exactly where you are at:

  • After hitting snooze, your day starts with checking your phone and scrolling through your text messages or facebook
  • You go through the motions of your daily routine
  • You are bored with the same meaningless disconnected conversations
  • You feel misunderstood, not seen, not heard and you have mastered being your #1 critic.
  • You want to feel a deeper desire for sex. Learn more about sex.  Have a sex life so incredible it’s worth bragging about and a tribe you can share it with
  • You long for strong connection to a circle of women you can call on for support, deeply trust and feel safe with.
  • No matter how high powered your career is or how successful you are, you have that nagging feeling there must be something more to life, and you are ready to dive in, tap into your magical divine feminine energy and reclaim your power!

If you are saying yes to ANY of this, welcome to Violet Alchemy!

All the women we have worked with, bar none, used to feel this way.

We totally get it.   We were there too.

That hole inside that could never quite be filled.

That craving for female connection yet never seeming to have your true SOUL TRIBE

That inner knowing that you need to connect back with who you truly are but not knowing exactly how.

Your sexuality is your BIRTHRIGHT!

Your feminine energy is your POWER!

It’s time to BE YOU!

Welcome HOME!

4 MAGICAL, SEXY and TRANSFORMATIVE days in NEW ORLEANS…..  Your SOUL and TRIBE are waiting for you!

Join Alexa and Leah at this exclusive, once in a lifetime, women only event, for a weekend of rediscovery, reclamation, and reconnection.


Your Hostesses

The Seductress – Alexa Martinez

Hi ladies, I’m America’s top sexual influencer, coach, and mentor.  I am on a personal mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. I am from the deep south of Louisiana and if anyone knows how to bust through taboos regarding sex, it’s me. I am highly skilled and well-versed in sexuality, sex, and self-expression. I am especially fond of working with women to figure out what they truly desire, vocalizing that desire without shame or fear and manifesting the desire into their reality.  I am the founder of The Violet Butterfly, a blog about love, sex & relationships.  I speak internationally and host the #1 sexually conscious community on FB called The Kaleidoscope.   I am dedicated to having broad-spectrum sexually based conversations in a comfortable and nonsexual way.

The Sorceress – Leah Barnett

Leah Barnett

Hi, beauties! I am a Mystical Mindset Coach and Soul Diviner. I am a healer, an Akashic Records Reader, a spiritual guide and an activator of women. I guide women through a soul purpose rediscovery process and inspire them to create radical change in their lives by refusing to continue to accept mediocrity in any area of it. I activate their desires to live a life that brings them soul level fulfillment, excitement, and BLISS. I teach women to reconnect to the divine and use magic in their everyday lives and guide them through reconnecting to their higher self, spirit guides, guardians, and ancestors. I am here to empower 1 MILLION WOMEN to live authentically and rediscover their soul’s purpose and passion!

THE TIMING – November 2nd – 5th

Perfectly coinciding with the EARTH MOTHER’S FULL MOON in the sign of Taurus. This full moon is all about physicality, your physical body, taking care of yourself and connecting to your sensuality.


From Alexa:

Sexuality is Your Birthright –

At some point in history, the concept of your sexuality being your birthright was taken, adjusted and suppressed. In this session, we begin discussing and analyzing areas in our lives where we are being suppressed, within our sexuality and beyond.  When we take a critical, empathetic, and well-informed look into our histories, we can look at our present and future with new eyes. This is our time to reclaim what is and always has been ours to do with as we choose. You will feel more alive, grounded and equipped to make moves in the world than you have ever felt before.  You will feel authentically sexy, excited and electrically charged. You are a pleasure-seeking creature.  You will know what it feels like to both receive and surrender, yet remain confident and steadfast in your pursuit of that which brings more pleasure into your life.  Your sexuality is your birthright!  You will reclaim it like the goddess you are.

Conscious Sexuality Expression –

A fusion of tantric practices and ideas coupled with more modern common practices. Introduction to the concept of Urban Tantra.  In this session, we will look at your sexuality and sex life. You will find areas to bring more presence and purpose. We will go over techniques you can apply right away to have mind-blowing orgasms and the sexual experiences you’ve always dreamed were possible.  We’ll bring more consciousness into oral sex, talk about ways to live a life “turned on”, and how to bring intention and spirituality into sexual accessories. You will uncover hidden desires and gain the confidence to communicate them to your partners.  Giving you the MORE you have been wanting!

From Leah:

Divine Feminine Magic –

Discover the power of invoking the Divine Feminine and adding magic and ritual to your daily life. Living this way enables you to make every single area of your life magical and extraordinary. Mediocrity is no longer an option. Women are more powerful than they can imagine when they step out of their masculine and learn to embrace their feminine nature. Learn the true meaning of the word WITCH. You will reclaim it in a way that allows you to reconnect to your spiritual gifts and intuition. Every woman has them. You will flex that muscle and walk away deeply trusting yourself.

Lunar Moon Magic –

As women, we are ruled by the moon. Our creativity, our emotions, our cycles. Learn how to harness the single largest power we have. Discover your personal connection to the moon and learn how to work with the phases to reconnect to yourself. Every woman on this planet is connected through the moon. Through ritual and sacred ceremony, you will discover and embrace your deep connection to your soul sisters. Your new found moon rituals will also provide you the magical ability to create all you desire in your life.

Femme! – Erotic, Tribal, Feminine Movement

The Femme! Experience is a fusion of sensual movement, dance, meditation, creative visualization and celebration of the feminine form. Femme! as designed, creates sacred, safe spaces for women to explore their femininity; to move in sensual ways, to explore and release emotions, to alter or release beliefs about themselves and to unapologetically love their bodies!

Femme! as a lifestyle empowers and invites women to reclaim their feminine power and to boldly display that power as they walk throughout the world. When a woman “lives Femme!” she radiates her unique magnificence through her body, her work, her relationships and with everyone and everything she comes in contact. She’s confident. She’s sassy, sultry and owns her sensuality. The Femme! empowered woman knows and trusts her inherent wisdom and honors her body which houses this wisdom by pampering it and celebrating it at all times. The Femme! woman has embraced who she is and moves freely and fabulously in the world in full connection to herself and her Divine.


New Orleans oozes sexuality. The air of the city is thick with sultry, euphoric seduction. There is a magic and mystery to this enchanting French-founded city that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The city is a melting pot of heritage and ethnicity and has a deep soulful history of tragedy and redemption ranging from the slave-trade to the many natural disasters. The city returns each time more magical and wonderful than before. New Orleans feels like a sexy, mysterious secret. A place where the veil is so thin that the past and present exist simultaneously. The Voodoo roots of the city run so deep that it is simply a part of the culture. There is no other place on earth Alexa and Leah could deliver this particular content that would lend itself as well as The Crescent City.  It simply own’s it’s shit and so will you!  It puts you in your skin….


The Hacienda Maison – Is a 3 story home in the city of New Orleans. It is filled with an incomparable energy, where erotic art is adorning nearly every wall. The Maison is the perfect location for Violet Alchemy because it is electrically charged for connection and transformative experiences.
Below are some images taken of the house. This is one of the rare cases where, even though the pictures are phenomenal, they still couldn’t possibly capture the true essence of such a magical place.

Rooms:  The rooms are extremely plush and spacious yet intimate. There are a total of 16 places available. All rooms and beds are assigned on a “first come” basis. Since this experience is about bonding with your fellow femmes, we are encouraging not only sharing rooms but also sharing beds. Though you will see below alternative options available should that be something you would like to reserve/request?

This retreat will sell out.  Reserve your spot now.


Day 1


3:00 PM – Check in – Unpack, Refresh, Connect

Workshop and Opening Ceremony

Cocktail and Dinner Party

Day 2

Femme! – Erotic, Tribal & Feminine body movement

On-Site Breakfast


Off-site Lunch

Excursion & Workshop

On-Site Dinner

Full Moon Ceremony & Ritual

Day 3

Femme! – Erotic, Tribal & Feminine body movement

On-site Breakfast


On-site Lunch


Off-site dinner


*option to go out into the city afterwards

Day 4

Femme! – Errotic, Tribal & Feminine body movement

On Site Breakfast

Workshop & Closing Ceremony

12:00 PM – Depart

What’s Included:

4 days/3 nights luxurious accommodations

All onsite meals – authentic New Orleans cuisine with your health in mind – Dietary restrictions accommodated

2 excursions/tours – including entrance fees and transportation

Night on the town to take in all that New Orleans embodies

Intimate access to Alexa and Leah!

The Bonuses – to seduce you even more…..

Dane Tomas –

Dane Tomas is an author, entrepreneur and long-term student of conscious sexuality based in Byron Bay, Australia. Dane draws from a wide range of experiences in tantra, conscious BDSM, sexual shamanism and modern witchcraft to create spontaneous erotic rituals designed to trigger pleasure, self-connection, and spiritual awakening through sexuality.

Dan is passionate about teaching you how to use erotic energy and ritual to manifest whatever you desire.

You will learn how to tap in and activate your sexual energy and use it to connect with people before you ever get near them, speak to them or touch them.  Ever wanted to have your own “wand of light” or be able to (consensually) fuck or be fucked from across the room whilst still fully clothed?   Yeah… that’s a thing!   Dane works best by feeling the energy of the group and leading accordingly. Conscious Cock Activation, Sexual Hypnosis, and Verbal Bondage are just some of his areas of expertise.   You don’t want to miss this!

Ri Dickulous –

Ri Dickulous was born on April Fool’s Day and was inspired to make that act into her life.  Starting in 2009 she began exploring the Japanese art of shibari – an art of erotic spirituality using rope bondage.

Women today have an extremely hard time achieving surrender.   Especially when it comes to their desires and pleasure. The art of rope bondage teaches you exactly how to do that.   This is an erotically charged art.   You will have the opportunity to experience this firsthand and learn what it is like to completely let go, be in your body and be fully present.   This puts you completely and unapologetically into your feminine energy.   You become a Goddess that is receiving and fully charged.   

Embody. Reclaim. Seduce.  Awaken. Connect. Transform.
Ignite your magic. Find your bliss. Free your soul.