How to Kick Your Boring Sex Habit

Every Tuesday, you do the same thing. Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, have dinner and commence your weekly duty of “lovemaking”. These days, it seems as though sex is just another thing to tick off of your to-do list. You ask yourself, where did the passion go? We used to be […]

What to do when it smells “down there”

As a sex coach, there isn’t much that surprises me these days. The topics I cover with singles and couple of all ethnicities, ages, races, religions and gender identities is vast and ever changing. I often get asked what types of questions do I get asked the most, and often my response is the “Am […]

How to introduce sex toys when you have a shy partner

The very first time I remember seeing a sex toy was at a “Passion Party” hosted in the apartment of one of my college friends. The entire event was incredibly awkward and I remember doing my best to just relax and have fun. We played games where we talked openly about our sex lives and […]