Freaky Fridays

Presented by Alexa Martinez, founder of The Violet Butterfly, The Kaleidoscope community & host of the podcast, Kaleidoscope Radio and Gaia Morrissette, Sexual Wellness and BDSM Life coach collaborate once a week to deliver information and have conversation on some of the realest, juiciest and broadest topics regarding all aspects of sex, love and relationships.

Have you always been curious about sex and sexuality?

Have you wondered what kind of sexual being you would be if you had the knowledge and confidence to communicate your wants and desires openly with your partner?

Are you curious about varying aspects of sexuality including BDSM, kink and tantra?

Would you be interested in learning more about polyamory, open relationships and creating sexual scenes & relationship dynamic that feature more than two?

Well, your curiosities are shared among many which are the reason Freaky Friday’s with Alexa and Gaia was conceived.

Alexa and Gaia share a common purpose – MAKE THE WORLD A SEXIER AND MORE ORGASMIC PLACE

And with that purpose, they come together (no pun intended 😉 ) every Friday to crack open all topics regarding sex, love and relationships as it pertains to overall sexual wellness.

The dynamics between the two are salty & sweet, yin & yang, hot & cold. .it is, in fact, the bliss point which keeps you entertained, moved and excited all while delivering the necessary and vital information required for all people to live sexier and more pleasure-filled lives.

Gaia and Alexa understand that for many people navigating new and different sexual aspect themselves can be daunting at times, but that does not have to be the case.

Through open communication and normalizing a typically considered taboo subject, you can have immense breakthroughs in your sex life and your everyday life.

Every Friday Alexa and Gaia open this conversation for you, with you, so that you may be inspired to have more of these conversations with the people you love, Conversations about having a threesome, trying new sex toys or discussing love languages. .there are consistent and profound takeaways for every person during every show!

Some of the topics covered:

Exploring a life of kink (an intro)

All about men: non-ejaculatory orgasms, edge play, consent challenges

Language & communication: paraphrasing, word choice, trigger words

Lessons for Doms trying to find subs

Period sex

Ethical orgies, play parties and sex clubs

Kinky dating: profile creation, sites and apps

Sex toys: types, lube, accessories

Achieving subspace

Creating the best threesomes

After sex care

Kink after trauma

Navigating a BDSM relationship

Creating sexual contracts

Understanding arousal patterns

Falling in love with multiple partners

The importance of self-exploration before exploring with a partner(s)

How to make EVERYTHING orgasmic

All about the love languages

Sacred sexuality & transcendental sexual experiences

The neuroscience behind BDSM

Personalities transferring into the bedroom

The significance of learning about sexual traumas for a better sex life

For $269 (or 3 payments of $99) you will have access to all previously recorded Freaky Friday shows with Alexa & Gaia and you will also have immediate access to all future live recorded videos along with access to their replays.

For as long as there are subjects to cover, Freaky Fridays will continue production but only for those who pay to access them. Patrons of the Freaky Friday series will even be able to make show topic suggestions within the video hosting forum!

Access to the Freaky Friday episodes is over 14 hours of live coaching between Alexa and Gaia. That totals over $6,000 worth coaching and exercises!

As a BONUS, a private community space will be provided and managed for all who purchase access to Freaky Friday membership.

A live Q&A/group coaching session will be held in this space AT LEAST twice a month, dates will be provided at the beginning of each month.